Dr. Brown's  Pacifiers

  • Two great pacifiers, one solid commitment to comfort and quality for infants. 

  • BPA free.

  • Not made from natural latex.


Dr. Brown’s® Medical has developed one-piece silicone pacifiers for preterm and term infants to support their emerging non-nutritive sucking skill development and assist in their state regulation and organization. PreVent® Orthodontic Pacifiers were developed by a pediatric dentist to help prevent dental issues, PreVent® pacifiers are uniquely designed to help lower pressure and discomfort inside the baby’s mouth. These pressures can sometimes create dental issues such as cross bites, and can also contribute to speech/articulation concerns. Palatal pressure is lessened by creating an air channel that reduces suction and spreads apart when baby is sucking. This patented, suction-free air channel opens up as baby sucks and results in low pressure comfort.

One-Piece Silicone Pacifiers


  • Replicates the shape of the  Dr. Brown’s® Preemie nipple

  • Shield is molded in a contour shape

  • Unique cut out on shield accommodates CPAP, feeding tubes and nasal cannulas

  • Adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics suggestions for one-piece pacifiers

  • Universal tab design

  • Passes all CPSIA requirements (Physical and Chemical)

  • Easy to clean – dishwasher, microwave steam sterilizer bag and autoclave safe

PreVent® Orthodontic Pacifiers


  • Offers infants the benefits that a pacifier provides including facilitation of self-regulation, supports organization and proprioceptive input

  • Reported as an excellent pacifier for infants with craniofacial and
    structural anomalies such as cleft palate, highly vaulted palate, flaccid lingual tone, oro-motor dysfunction and ankyloglossia (tongue tie)

  • Soft, suction-release bulb spreads wider as baby sucks for low pressure comfort

  • Helps to lower the pressures inside the mouth that can create dental issues, such as cross bites

  • Thin-stem design is minimally intrusive on baby’s mouth

  • Dishwasher safe

  • BPA free

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