Dr. Brown's   Cleaning Accessories

  • A complete line of accessories to help clean, store and prepare Dr. Brown’s® baby bottles and accessories. 

  • Includes microwave steam sanitizer bags, wire cleaning brushes and a new non-metal bottle brush.

  • A clean, unassembled Dr. Brown’s® 2 oz, 4 oz, or 8 oz bottle and all parts, Non-Metal bottle brush and pacifier can be sanitized every 24 hours as recommended by the ADA.

Non-Metal Bottle Brush


Dr. Brown’s® Non-Metal Bottle Brush is a multi-functional cleaning tool for use with all Dr. Brown’s® bottle systems, nipples, internal parts and pacifiers. Features include durable bristles for thorough cleaning of bottles , a grooved “no-slip” handle and chevron channels at the base for easy cleaning of nipples. As an added benefit, this brush contains no metal parts that can damage a bottle or nipple.

  • Provides a complete cleaning and sterilization solution
    for use in the hospital setting

  • Can be easily placed inside the Dr. Brown’s® Microwave Steam Sanitizer Bag with the full bottle system, internal parts and nipples for effective sanitization.

  • Durable, BPA and latex-free bristles

  • The “chevron” channel shape at the base of the handle prevents damage to the nipple during gentle cleaning of the nipple interior  

  • Also allows the nipple hole to be cleaned of all debris that may affect the nipple flow rate 

  • Non-slip handle provides stability and comfort during cleaning

Microwave Steam Sanitizer Bags


Medical professionals know the importance of having every mom feed their baby using a clean and sanitized bottle. With the Dr. Brown’s® Microwave Steam Sanitizer Bags, 99.99% of hospital germs can be quickly eliminated from Dr. Brown’s® baby bottles. It’s a quick, easy and convenient way to sanitize all Dr. Brown’s® baby bottle parts, within a hospital environment or while traveling.

  • Eliminates 99.9% of hospital germs

  • Quickly and effectively sanitizes baby bottles

  • Each bag can be used up to 20 times

Wire Cleaning Brushes


The ability to keep the internal vent system of the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® and Specialty Feeding Systems bottles free of blockages is essential for the proper functionality of the bottle. Dr. Brown’s® wire cleaning brushes can be used to clean the insert and reservoir along with the Infant-Paced Feeding Valve. These brushes feature a slim brush and handle to fit in the tight crevasses. This brush is not intended for nipple cleaning as it may tear the nipple hole altering the flow rate.

  • Keeps vent inserts and reservoirs clean and blockage free

  • Ideal solution for proper functioning venting system

  • Can be used with all Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® baby bottles

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